Experience the way composites should be done, making every step – from taking photos, to delivery of the composite – simple to plan and easy to understand.

Friendly photographers. One-on-one customer service. Hand-crafted composites.

Make your chapter's composite experience better. 


Fine Composite Makers

We build composites based on fine framing and photography principles. You’ll be able to see the difference – from the carefully balanced photography, to the artfully created boards -  once matched up to any other composite.

Seasoned Crew


We only use our in-house trained staff for your photography session. No strange Craigslist photographers showing up at your house unprepared. They’re efficient, helpful, and customer-service focused. They are truly the best of our company.

Fast Turn-Around


 We guarantee all composites ship within 45-business days (and usually sooner!) after approval. That’s written in every one of our agreements. We want you showing off your organization as soon as possible.